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The history of sanitary napkin anion changes

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    I believe that many women cannot do without sanitary napkin anion, but everyone only knows how to use this item, but how can it evolve into such a clean, safe, convenient and fast way? Then the editor will tell you the history of the development of sanitary napkin anion! And the "sanitary napkin anion" at that time were really hard to believe!

      ancient times

       Although the civilization in ancient times was not very developed, they value their bodies very much! At that time, most women used local materials, choosing some, bird feathers or soft cloth pads on their lower body! And put the used feathers and cloth pieces in a small wooden bucket, wash them and use them again! And at that time, the women who came to the menstrual holiday were taking a group rest, and they would stay in their homes before the end of the menstrual holiday!


       enslavement society

       Women in enslaved society basically have no human rights! At that time, it was an era when men were respected and women were inferior. So for women at that time, it was really a dark history! However, at that time, human beings also had a bit of civilization. At this time, in order to better protect themselves, women would use tree bark or animal skin to sew underwear to hide their shame! When the period comes, some dry matter will be put in the underwear to absorb the dirty blood, and after the period is over, it will be washed with water!


      Feudal society

       Humans at this time have already given up, using primitive things such as animal skins and bark, because at that time they had gradually invented silk and weaving! At that time, women used silk as their underwear! And when it comes to menstrual holidays, they will put on special sanitary belts! After all, their kind of sanitary belt is something that can absorb dirty blood! But this kind of sanitation is to clean the items that are used again after use!


      Early 20th Century

       At the beginning of the 20th century, sanitary napkin anion have gradually taken shape. At that time, sanitary napkin anion were not as convenient as they are now! The sanitary napkin anion at that time also had a different name called sanitary napkin anion, but when you use them, you only need to use a paper clip to pin the sanitary napkin anion inside your underwear! But this is very inconvenient!


       Now the sanitary napkin anion have undergone a huge change! Many sanitary napkin anion with different functions have also been born. This gives us women a weapon to protect ourselves more, and the method of use is more convenient. From the above points, the development history of sanitary napkin anion is really very It's shocking!





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