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Have you got all your sunny girl sanitary napkins?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Every woman has a special few days every month, so a woman has 30-40 years of her life with it, worrying about a small amount of menstruation, worrying about not coming, worrying about menstrual blood clots, and worrying about dysmenorrhea.

    We all know that sunny girl sanitary napkins are the most commonly used. They are mainly made up of the surface layer, absorbent core, the bottom layer and each layer of materials with hot melt adhesive. Keep it in the sanitary napkin to help women pass their menstrual period safely. Do you know the following menstrual supplies?


       menstrual cup

       I saw something like a menstrual cup on the Internet last year. I was shocked at the time. It was completely beyond my scope of recognition and acceptance. It is a menstrual product that can be put into the vagina and is made of latex, silicone or thermoplastic, soft and elastic. Its shape is bell-shaped with a short handle underneath. The bell-shaped part is stuck in the vagina to collect the menstrual blood flowing out of the uterus. The short handle can keep the menstrual cup in balance in the vagina and make it easy to take out the menstrual cup. It is said that the capacity of this menstrual cup is much larger than that of sunny girl sanitary napkins, so there is no need to change it frequently.



       is also called a tampon. It is a cotton cylinder that can be placed in the vagina to absorb menstrual blood when a woman has menstrual cramps. This type is mainly made of cotton, man-made fiber or a mixture of these two materials, with a diameter of 1 cm to 1.9 cm and other sizes, with a cotton thread (draw rope) attached to the end. Generally foreign women are accustomed to using this, it is said that you don't have to be afraid of going up and down, because it will not move in the body.


       liquid sunny girl sanitary napkins

      What? Liquid? In fact, it is just a new type of sanitary napkin formed from a liquid material. The liquid material is integrally formed using high-pressure liquid phase emulsion polymerization technology. It has three-dimensional rapid absorption, clean surface, and is thinner and fitter than ordinary sunny girl sanitary napkins.


       During the menstrual period, take good care of yourself, take a good rest, and have a reasonable diet. Let us all be relaxed women!





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