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Which brand should I choose?incontinence protective underwear for women

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-28


    What pants are easy to use? That must be the old man pulling his pants! Other brands are not clear, but I definitely have a say in the trousers for the elderly. Before my mother had incontinence after uterine surgery, I used this one. My mother was quite picky. After using it, I said it was good, dry and breathable. , And strong absorption.

    incontinence protective underwear for women


    Before, I was worried that if I used this kind of old man’s pull-up pants, there would be airtight and stuffy skin. Later, my mother used it several times and found that there was no trouble at all, because the postpartum peace pants are made of breathable backing film. .

    incontinence protective underwear for women


    To be honest, once parents have incontinence problems, they will feel unconfident in their hearts. They always feel that they have a peculiar smell and are very resistant to going out. In fact, many incontinents can move around freely, and being bored at home is not good for their health. Therefore, it is recommended to use the incontinence protective underwear for women to encourage them to go out and socialize, which will be better for recovery. I hope to be helpful to the subject~Underpants type diapers






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