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4 advantages of underwear sanitary napkins

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-22


    Woman, a magical creature that bleeds for 3~7 days every month without dying!

       The average age of menarche of Chinese women is 13 years old, and the average age of menopause is 49 years old. If you calculate according to the monthly menstrual period of at least 3 days, a woman has 1296 days in her life to get along with her "aunt's blood" day and night!


       If you use 3 pads of underwear sanitary napkins a day during your menstrual period, you will need 3888 pads for a lifetime! Compared with ancient women who used plant ash, cotton, paper, rags, etc. to cope with their menstrual period, modern women who can use underwear sanitary napkins are much luckier, but I have to say that it has many shortcomings, such as all kinds of heat and humidity in underwear sanitary napkins. Stuffy, afraid of side leakage when sleeping.

       Was there really no choice but underwear sanitary napkins during the few days when the "big aunt" visited? Of course, Xiao Jiu recommends an artifact that can replace underwear sanitary napkins-tampons!

      You may have heard of "tampons" for the first time, but in fact it had its prototype as early as ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. At that time, women put softened linen or papyrus in the vagina to absorb menstrual blood.

       As a commodity in the modern sense, tampons began to be popularized in the 1930s. Although it has been around for nearly a century, women, especially Chinese women, have almost zero understanding of it.


       There are two main types of tampons: finger-in type and catheter type. The former requires women to put the tampon into the vagina with their fingers, and the latter uses a plastic catheter to push the tampon into the vagina. The experience is better.

       Compared with underwear sanitary napkins, tampons have too many advantages:

       More comfortable: The tampon will not have the sultry feeling of a sanitary napkin sticking to the private part, and you can't even feel the "big aunt"!

       is more convenient: using tampons, you can swim in the hot springs in the summer and winter! Female athletes like Fu Yuanhui use tampons if they catch up with the "big aunt" in the competition!


       is more leak-proof: no matter how large the size of the sanitary napkin has wings, it will inevitably leak sideways. As long as the tampon is placed correctly, it is safe to sleep anyway!

       is more hygienic: blood is the best place to breed bacteria, the tampon does not come into contact with the air, reducing the growth of bacteria!





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