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There are always a few days a month, don't worry about the bamboo period underwear to spend with you

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-20


    When I was in school, something was very embarrassing. For girls, there are often so few days in a month. Even if the time is accurate, the amount of menstruation cannot be controlled. There was a large amount of menstruation during an official holiday. Many of them will become heavier and heavier. Afterwards, the classmates told me in a small voice that they blushed suddenly, thinking about whether they would be seen by many boys. Since then, I have been very afraid of wearing tight clothes~ nowadays There are always policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom. Now~ the bamboo period underwear are coming out... No matter how big the amount is, its not afraid of side leakage, and it fits the buttocks perfectly~


    My skin is very sensitive. I feel itchy and swollen if I feel a little uncomfortable, so I sometimes worry about using it at night. When I get up in the morning, my ass is red, and occasionally it is very itchy, making it difficult to fall asleep.


    Today, lets try two popular bamboo period underwear


    The first one, the S-shaped beautiful buttocks design, I feel that the buttocks curve seems full after putting it on. For the first time, I feel that it can be so sexy when wearing bamboo period underwear. The waist is moderately tight and can not be worn off or tightened. It can also be adjusted by itself. I put it on just right.


    The second one is also pretty good, but I feel that the waist design is not as free as bamboo period underwear. Slightly slack, the fit is not high.


    If it is absorptive, pour the liquid to know:


    The trousers absorb instantly and do not leak at all. Pressing the surface with your hands is dry and you dont have to be afraid of rolling at night.


    Although they are wearing bamboo period underwear, the girls definitely need to look cute. I prefer white, so I like the packaging of the bamboo period underwear, but other colors are also very cute, which is comparable.


    Sisters who have ADHD like me must try bamboo period underwear, and menstrual periods can be as free as possible. Enjoy unfettered freedom, and a different sense of security during special times.





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