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period underwear leggings protect women from leaking in all directions during embarrassing periods

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-20


    Can I use period underwear leggings if I have low menstrual flow? Is there such an experience? Although the menstrual flow is very low, I also put a lot of sanitary napkins for night use. When I woke up the next day, I found that the sheets and pants were covered with blood.

    Menstrual period underwear leggings


    Only the sanitary napkins are clean ~ Raise your head with a long sigh, and then get up to change the sheets. At this moment, you need a piece of period underwear leggings.


    Wear period underwear leggings to protect your sheets and pants in all aspects. No matter if you sleep on your stomach, sleep on your side, sleep with a "big" word, or roll to sleep...


    No matter the menstrual blood drips on the front, back or side... don't be afraid!


    And, there is no embarrassment of staying out with sanitary napkins for a long night. There is also no heavy feeling of night sanitary napkins~


    In a word: Mom no longer has to worry about menstrual blood staining the sheets! But if you want to say, I slept honestly, it just means more!


    Even a night-use sanitary napkin can't contain menstrual blood. period underwear leggings are so reassuring. period underwear leggings still protect you for a good night's sleep with its powerful absorption capacity! Dont worry, if its not a blood collapse, put on these period underwear leggings, the whole world belongs to you.


    Then, if you say, I am a mother who just got pregnant! After a month of postpartum lochia, period underwear leggings are still your best choice! The period underwear leggings accompany you to lie down and breastfeed, sit and breastfeed, and breastfeed on the side~~ It saves your mother-in-law and mother from helping you wash the embarrassing panties! The baby wears diapers and the mother wears period underwear leggings. So what are period underwear leggings? It can be understood as follows: disposable underwear is used by women during menstruation; they look like pull-ups, which protect women from leaking during the night of menstruation and sleep peacefully.


    The material, structure, and function of period underwear leggings are similar to those of pull-up pants.


    Seeing this, would you think of me as a fairy wearing pull-up pants? It's too ugly! Trust me, once you use period underwear leggings, you never want to abandon it again! The key is to be easy to use, beautiful and generous, not to mention the period underwear leggings are not ugly! The feeling of experience is: getting up in the morning, opening the window, the sun is shining, looking at the bloodless sheets, I feel good! Its layered cotton is soft, and the pattern makes your girly heart bursting, and it looks like panties!

    Sleep pants


    The only drawback: not very sexy! Wear it decisively! The experience of comfortable period underwear leggings is really good. If you find it when you wear it for the first time, wow, it opens the door to a new world without side leakage! The bed sheets do not need to be washed, and the underwear will not get dirty! From then on, there will be extra-long night sanitary napkins in the cabinet. Only comfortable and comfortable pants, comfortable and comfortable pants, or comfortable and comfortable! Say the important thing three times! ! ! Sure enough, all the sisters are all period underwear leggings that can't be taken off as soon as they are worn~





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