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The design concept of teen period underwear make you comfortable as usual

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-20


    In order to make your life as comfortable as usual, so that you can present the self-confidence beauty of women all the time, so that you can integrate into the diversified requirements of various places, in order to give you a good, fashionable and perfect teen period underwear products. The design concept, material innovation, and manufacturing process of the teen period underwear are quite hard.


    product design:


    The breathable base film gives you a silky feeling, soft and fresh.


    Safety protection up to the waist, 360° side leakage prevention, xxxmm long suction, three-dimensional protection, absorption and stop leakage.


    Teen period underwear can be described as a leak-proof weapon, six-fold safety protection, no matter how big the blood volume is, no fear.


    The waist is stretched at will, easy and gentle to cater, with high elasticity and high responsiveness, close to the body and comfortable, moving as you want.


    product material:


    Breathable and soft cotton material does not stick to the bottom.


    Contains polymer absorbent body, massive instant absorption and dryness, super absorption capacity, double-layer instant absorption, firmly locks the bottom layer, and the surface is dry and more at ease.

    Large amount of sanitary napkins


    0 sensitization, 0 stimulation, 0 fluorescent additives, made of natural materials.


    teen period underwear long-staple cotton resists pilling, and the good fabric does not deform.


    Soft touch, breathable and not damp, this is a teen period underwear that can breathe.


    feature of product:


    The material is soft, comfortable and breathable; the design is close to the body.


    Elastic waist, fully leak-proof; quick absorption, large volume without worry;


    teen period underwear


    Applicable occasions forteen period underwear:


    Sleeping: roll around in your posture, get a good beauty sleep


    Work: Stay away from bloody battles and build Mulan


    Exam: You are not afraid of leaking personally, you must pass every test.


    Travel: Avoid small embarrassment and leave a good time


    Exercise: Show off a good figure without fear of big moves


    Pregnant women: three-dimensional encirclement, not afraid of large amounts


    How to use teen period underwear:


    1. Just put it on like ordinary underwear


    2. Tear off the interfaces on both sides and remove it


    3. Wrap it into a roll, stick it, and discard it





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