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What is a menstrual diaper for women-let you sleep beautifully until dawn

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-20


    Menstrual diaper for women are menstrual period pants, and can also be called sweet pajamas, smooth pajamas, relief pants, menstrual diaper for women, night pants, etc.


    As early as 2013, some brands have launched menstrual diaper for women.


    Judging from many market conditions, it seems that the consumption of menstrual diaper for women in my country is not very expensive, probably because we have not been able to accept this new product at that time. Therefore, there have not been many stormy waves before.


    But at present, everyone has begun to accept the "new member" of An Xin Pants. The characteristics of sleep pants are consistent with women's menstrual needs. The practicality and market potential of menstrual diaper for women are infinite. In the future, sleep pants will gradually replace night-time extended sanitary napkins. The menstrual blood does not penetrate, has no peculiar smell, strong adhesiveness, and is not easy to move. Leave no gaps, indulge your sleepiness, the pyjama pants will let you sleep till dawn.


    How to use menstrual diaper for women


    1. Wear: Pajamas can be worn like ordinary underwear


    2. Take off: tear off both sides of the interface and take it off


    3. Disposal: Dispose of after being rolled into a roll and sticking.


    Menstrual diaper for women give you comfort and peace of mind beyond your imagination, and full care for you on special days.





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