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Girls' menstrual volume and peace of mind-a new world in the field of anion sanitary napkin

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-20


    You can understand relief pants, disposable underwear, which are used by women during menstruation; they are shaped like baby pull-up pants, which protect women from all sides and no omissions during menstruation, and sleep all night. Moreover, the material, structure, and function of relief pants are different from those of pull-up pants!


    Seeing this, can you think of my innocent girl in pull-up pants? It’s too weird, believe in yourself, put on relief pants, it’s hard to take it off! The feeling is: I wake up in the morning and open the window, the sunshine is beautiful, the bed sheet is not blood stained, and the mood is beautiful! Its texture is soft and soft, and the pattern satisfies your girl's heart. The only drawback: not very sexy!


    But it's very cute to put on relief pants! Wear decisively! This is all the real sense of use of the editor, comfortable pants are really good, highly recommended! The editor was also last year, when I went to the supermarket to choose anion sanitary napkins by chance, I felt curious and bought the first pack of comfort pants!


    The first time I used it at home, wow, it opened up a new world of anion sanitary napkins! The bed sheets do not need to be washed and the underwear will not get dirty!


    A sense of experience, perfect! Since then, my storage cabinet has no longer night anion sanitary napkins! Only relief pants, relief pants, or relief pants! Important things Amway three times this year, and suddenly became popular with lightning speed. Every time we stock up on the goods, our company’s little sister has stocked up to four boxes! After use, the sisters are all comfortable panties that can't be taken off as soon as they are worn! You have to say, this is an advertisement! No, no, no specific brand, no advertising fees, and sincerely recommend it! I also wish you a prosperous business in the production and operation of comfort pants!





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