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What is the market development prospect of panties circumcision protective underwear?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-22


    Rescue means rushing for time, a hundred-meter race. Many medical staff stay on duty for more than ten hours a day, dressing in diapers. In addition, there is a large vacancy in protective clothing. A complete set of strict safety protective clothing must be worn for at least ten minutes. It cannot be taken off halfway and must be disinfected. Therefore, many front-line doctors can save time and resources. Come to the treasure of panties circumcision protective underwear to deal with physiological problems. In addition, the protected patients must also be diapers, which can reduce the workload of medical care.


    Among the teams of medical staff who "fight" to aid Hubei, diapers must be brought along with weapons and equipment, and each person must bring a pack. panties circumcision protective underwear also accounted for a large proportion of the supply of supplies for the multi-party reinforcement of Wuhan.


    What is the future of panties circumcision protective underwear in the unique stage?


    Previously, panties circumcision protective underwear targeted the elderly as the key consumer group, and were rarely cared by everyone. From an external point of view, it was a traditional and imaginative sub-industry. However, this time the disease epidemic has turned panties circumcision protective underwear into a critical supply of materials like protective masks and protective clothing, and everyones awareness of panties circumcision protective underwear has also been further improved.


    In fact, the marriage completion rate is declining, and the total number of newborn babies continues to innovate and the low development trend has caused the baby diaper sales market to be unable to maintain the rapid development trend. With the rapid development trend of the worlds population aging, the market for panties circumcision protective underwear is increasing. It's getting bigger and bigger.


    According to the statistical analysis of the China Paper Association, from 2012 to 2017, the market capacity of adult fecal incontinence devices (including diapers, diapers, nursing pads, etc.) in my country increased from 2.38 billion yuan in 2012 to 62.9 in 2017 Billion yuan, a compound growth rate of 21.5%.


    In terms of consumption, since 2012, the consumption of adult fecal incontinence devices in my country has increased rapidly, from 1.30 billion tablets in 2012 to 4.49 billion tablets in 2017, with a compound growth rate of 28.1%.


    It can be predicted and analyzed that China's huge population of elderly people, extremely low adult fecal incontinence sales market share, and market demand that needs to be fully awakened will create a market for adult fecal incontinence sales with extraordinary development potential. .

    Adult pull-up pants


    Traditionally, people feel that the key to panties circumcision protective underwear is to be sold in the situational market where elderly people with long-term bedridden and moderately severe fecal incontinence gather in nursing homes, hospital outpatient clinics, etc. However, with the development trend of e-commerce methods, the elderly learn to shop online, and the young People are also used to choosing diapers for the elderly online. In addition, panties circumcision protective underwear involve privacy protection such as the physical condition of customers. Many people are not accustomed to shopping in stores. E-commerce express delivery companies are also convenient for people with walking disabilities. E-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com have become key marketing channels for panties circumcision protective underwear.


    On the commodity side, the current adult diaper care category has just begun to develop a more subdivided orientation, which is divided into Shuershi panties circumcision protective underwear, adult pull-up pants, adult nursing pads, panties circumcision protective underwear, and baby diapers. 5 types of net pants. In addition to the traditional panties circumcision protective underwear ranking first in total sales, adult pull-up pants suitable for traffic travel scenarios are also just beginning to show tough demands.


    At this stage, the adult diaper sales market is still in the link of horse racing. For diaper manufacturing enterprises, grasping the population development trend and the awakening of customer demand concepts, the expansion of panties circumcision protective underwear will not have another opportunity.





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