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What brand is good for the menstrual protective period panties organic cotton underwear for women?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-09


    In my country, the aging level of the population is getting higher and higher, and the nursing diagnosis of urinary incontinence has become a problem of widespread concern for social development. For people with fecal incontinence, diapers, stretch pants, nursing pads, etc. are all products that can be selected. For example, people who can move freely can choose the elderly to pull on their pants, which is not easy to harm the usual theme activities. Do you know which well-known brands of the old man's protective period panties organic cotton underwear are good?


    What brand is good for the protective period panties organic cotton underwear?


    Although there are many elderly care products on the sales market, it can be technically and professionally focused on the elderly. From the perspective of comfort, the brand is newly upgraded to create a mid-to-high-end diaper brand that is suitable for Chinese people and is more comfortable and cost-effective. There are not many companies, but Shu Ershi has concentrated on the sales market of adult fecal incontinence medical care in China for 18 years, and upholds the brand culture of "caring for relatives, overnight comfort". The products include underwear-style adult diapers, button-style adult diapers, and diapers. , Nursing pads, environmental hygiene medical care wet wipes, etc., focusing on alleviating fecal incontinence medical care for you and your loved ones.




    Features of Shu Ershi's menstrual protective period panties organic cotton underwear for women for the elderly:


    1. Suction quick-drying drainage layer


    Tube type three-dimensional drainage layer, quickly digested and absorbed.


    2. Taste-suppressing polymer materials


    It has the actual effect of suppressing odor, reducing the embarrassment of odor


    3. Covalently bonded chemical fiber mat


    Reasonably relieve discomfort.


    4. Design scheme of narrow gear


    Conform to the ergonomic design plan to improve the comfort of clothes.


    5. 60° surround hip circumference


    Extensible hip circumference, which surrounds the user's hip circumference in multiple directions.


    6. Leakage protection + leg circumference


    Two-way stop leakage, fit and comfortable.


    From the perspectives of air permeability, leakage prevention and efficient digestion and absorption, Shuershi products try to maximize the profit to maintain the comfort of the user. The matching application of pants, sheets, and cushion products also ensures the balance of high cost performance and comfort. . As a result, the sales volume in China in recent years has been maintained as a precedent in the trousers sales market. Moreover, Shuershi is specially made with original ecological high-quality raw materials from the United States, Japan and other places. The price of domestic brands is more in line with the consumption power of Chinese people. It can be said that it is a good well-known brand that combines comfort and cost-effectiveness.


    Transportation matching: menstrual protective period panties organic cotton underwear for women + diapers


    This type of combination is more suitable for long-distance travelers (tourists). When applying, put a piece of diaper behind the menstrual protective period panties organic cotton underwear for women. When removing and replacing, only the embedded diaper must be removed, which saves costs and prevents damage to the natural environment. Contain the trouble of taking off and changing trousers. The three-dimensional anti-leakage partition design of the protective period panties organic cotton underwear eliminates the need to worry about the offset and side leakage of the diaper, and two-way maintenance of the user's privacy protection.


    According to the simple and detailed introduction of the content of the above article, I firmly believe that everyone has a simple grasp of what brand of protective period panties organic cotton underwear for the elderly is good. It must be reminded that everyone in the elderly generally suffers from a kidney deficit, and drinking a lot of water is not very good for the kidneys. The old mans appetite is manipulated as much as possible, and he must eat less and more refined. Since the functions of the internal organs of the elderly are somewhat degraded or reduced, it is unlikely that the same diet as in the case of young people will be maintained, and the internal organs will be more rested.





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