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period pads pull up use experience-360 degree close-fitting and leak-proof

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-22


    I often post online to share a little about all aspects of daily life and the feelings and experiences of using period pads pull up 360-degree close-fitting and leak-proof, but many people will believe me privately, saying what I say is all nonsense, a little scientific There is no proof!


    Okay, I'm not a girl in science and engineering. I don't understand the basic principles of scientific research at all. I just need to know it firsthand! Putting a large number of professional terms together, although they are all in Chinese, I don't understand the things that I can only put them aside for reference. Uncle Schopenhauer has said that useless knowledge is harmful. So the period pads pull up shared today are all my personal experience! Completely in science!


    Similar to chatting with good friends two months ago, I found out that everyone (why is it again!?) My sister was afraid of being preempted by others because I immediately took a new screen name-after that, I had a slapstick chat, 10 minutes later I immediately turned to the discussion on the topic of period pads pull up. That night, I suddenly wondered whether or not to experiment with the new brands mentioned by my girlfriends (the old ones had already been tested), so two months later, there was today’s sharing.


    I feel free to Baidu (it is said that Baidu knows that it has broken up recently?) After a while, I found that many sisters have misunderstandings of this and other when using period pads pull up, here is a reminder! The uterine blood tract of a woman was opened in those few days, and her body was very fragile. At this time, she must be more careful to protect herself!





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