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How to choose an electronic protective underwear brand

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-22


    As my country’s aging society is accelerating, electronic protective underwear have become a more concerned product for many elderly people, especially those with incontinence and disability. Therefore, the number of manufacturers and brands of electronic protective underwear is also increasing. There are international brands and domestic brands. Brand. Faced with a variety of pull-up pants, choosing a good pull-up pants will play a multiplier role in the care of the elderly. But as children, we are really at a loss to choose. How to choose a high-quality pull-up pants has become a problem faced by many people. Comfortable adult diapers can provide a full range of high-quality old age life for the elderly.


    Electronic protective underwear


    Features of Shuershi electronic protective underwear:


    1. Suction quick-drying diversion layer


    The tube type three-dimensional guide layer can be digested and absorbed quickly.


    2. Taste-suppressing polymer materials


    It has the actual effect of suppressing odor, reducing the embarrassment of odor.


    3. Covalently bonded chemical fiber mat


    Reasonably relieve discomfort.


    4. Design scheme of narrow gear


    Conform to the ergonomic design plan to improve the comfort of clothes.


    5. 60° embracing waist circumference


    Extensible waist circumference, multi-directional surrounding the waist circumference of the user.


    6. Leakage protection + leg circumference


    Multi-directional leak-proof, added cotton core, strong digestion and absorption; 360° embracing waist design, easy to wear off; triple protection, high-efficiency leak-proof; composite breathable membrane, breathability does not cover stuffiness.





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