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How to use period pads for teens? How long can a pair of period pads for teens last

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    1. Put the period pads for teens in the bathroom. At the time when every house was designed, the bathroom was designed to be in a humid and cold area, which is susceptible to pathogens. If the period pads for teens are placed in the bathroom, they are very easy to be polluted by the environment. of.


    2. Period pads for teens with fragrance. The fragrance is loved by everyone, especially for women, who have this unique love for fragrance. Therefore, when I come to the aunt, I will choose the fragrance-containing period pads for teens. I don’t know it. This is step by step. The damage to your own physical and mental health, especially for women with allergic physique, the fragrance of period pads for teens is best not to use.


    3. When buying period pads for teens, some women pay too much attention to digestion and absorption of menstrual volume. Many people digest and absorb more menstrual volume, and the frequency of replacement will be reduced. Such a practice is incorrect. Yes, because period pads for teens must be washed frequently, otherwise it will cause the reproduction of germs and cause various gynecological diseases.






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