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Can't hold back peeing in period pads near me

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    Menstruation does not come to worry,


    Coming is also deeply demolished!


    Curled up on the fabric sofa eating candy and chasing drama,


    I stood up and found that there was a "big red flower" on the neat cloth sofa


    Accidentally sneezed,


    There is heat in the lower body,


    Okay, this pair of jeans has to be repaid again.


    Menstrual period pads near me


    Not to mention the night,


    That is called a tossing and turning, sleepless all night!


    Sleeping anxiously,


    Maintain a posture diligently throughout the night,


    When I wake up early in the morning, I still have to


     Heavy! New! Wash! Bed! Single!


    If the tragedy meets the time of vacation and travel,


    The good-looking light-gray dress and jeans have no chance with me.


    If it leaks on the jeans,


    It can’t be replaced immediately,


    It was so embarrassing that it exploded!


    So as not to be exposed,


    The aunt’s towel continued to be lengthened,


    From 240mm, 280mm,


    To 380mm, or even 420mm!


    But it still doesn't fit!




    God operation-period pads near me appeared!


    Will question many people,


    The general aunt’s towel is already enough for ventilation and the effect is not good.


    The period pads near me surrounded by all directions


    Side leakage is prevented,


    If you don't need it, it will be more stuffy. The ventilation effect is not good, and it is extremely itchy!


    It really means peerless!

    Period pads near me


    Duang! Duang! Duang!


    The web editor expressed that he wanted to "justify justice" for Anxin Pants,


    The basic aunt’s towels are of good quality and low price, but also of poor quality.


    The period pads near me are the same!


    So the key is that you have no choice but to choose!


    Poor quality aunt's towel/safety pants,


    It's very summer,


    Very thick and inferior products have built-in actual effect of "5 degrees temperature increase",


    After walking for a while, I feel that I have brought a stove,


    It's really covering the prickly heat!


    High temperature is also very easy to cause odor,


    The smell of fish and sweat is permeated in the gas,


    I have a headache thinking about it!





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