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Do I need to pad sanitary napkins after wearing period panties canada?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    Maybe it was night! When I returned home from get off work, I changed my comfortable nightgown, got another cup of hot and humid milk, picked up the phone and lay on my soft bed. Imagine that the distress of broad daylight has been faded away. It is so beautiful that you are about to die! but! If at this moment you suddenly notice that a period is coming, and the low air pressure is all over the surrounding area in an instant, you will not only have to rush to the bathroom, but also clean up the mess and change your bedding frequently! It's really devastating! At such a moment! ! An Xin Pants won't stand out to rescue the little fairy? Not too possible!


    Menstrual period panties canada

    Hum~ the thick-looking Yurou comfort pants have succeeded and become famous!


    This can give you every moment


    Comfortable period panties canada?


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    The way of dressing is no different from ordinary underwear


    Easy to wear, 6-layer leak-proof maintenance


    360-degree soft extensible hip circumference multi-directional leak-stop design plan


    Solve the problem of water leakage easily!


    Let the little fairy lie on the bed and roll over unscrupulously!

    Period panties canada


    Do I need to pad sanitary napkins after wearing period panties canada?


    The answer is obviously no need to beep,


    Say goodbye to washing the sheets~


    I can relax all night without worrying


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    Comfortable pants are made of underpants and comfortable cut


    It is easy to distinguish between narrow front and wide rear


    Cater to the human body curve chart, encapsulate all pp


    Heart-warming design plan to take care of the girl who has a lot of money at night


    Absolutely unfettered, comfortable all night long!


    Comfortable and super comfortable


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    3D cotton soft surface, natural, comfortable and non-sticky


    Distinctive air vent design, farewell to the heat and uncomfortable


    Create a new feeling of comfort and softness~


    Use new smart technology and thin core materials


    Thinner body, more intake!


    Keep all kinds of leaks out


    How to roll over the sheets are clean and tidy!


    Individual packaging is super neat


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    As the guardian of your dreams, security is absolutely easy


    Separate packaging to reject environmental pollution


    A whole piece of sachet, the environment is sanitary and convenient.



    Wear period panties canada. Why do you say that only the muscles are stiff in bed at night




    I can release my true nature all the time


    Give you freedom and peace of mind during your menstrual period


    Both side leakage and back leakage are locked, which is more comfortable and comfortable to cater to


    Give you indulgence and turn it over, sleep till dawn!


    In 2019, we will start a lot of new sleeping positions together, let's roll!





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