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What brand of period panties target is good?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    I love freedom, I am afraid of turning over a wooden man for a night, I am afraid of accidentally messing up my clothes and pants :(


    Peace of mind period panties target, breathable bottom film, each square meter has 6000+ silicon oxide breathable microporous plate design plan, rationally remove dampness, lock the surface temperature, and let the delicate skin breathe freely.

    Menstrual period menstrual period pants


    What brand of period panties target is good? Editor's recommendation: Comfortable period panties target, 3D technology, the surface produces a small convex surface, the express company infiltrates, the hand feels soft and cares for the tender skin. The key three-dimensional hollow layer is made of pure natural haw-woven chemical fibers for refined management and technical aspects to rationally dredge menstruation. In addition, a 3D three-dimensional hollow core safety channel is created, which cooperates with polymer materials for reasonable moisture retention, no reverse osmosis, and always maintains the concrete cushion. Refreshing.

    Absolutely no fluorescent agent, wholeheartedly caring for female reproductive health, it can be used comfortably during restless days.


    See quality in tiny places


    NO.1: Selection of materials


    360˚ cotton soft breathable hips, double U-shaped close-fitting design


    Easy-to-tear design on both sides, easy to wear and tear, all-round encapsulation, two-way stop leakage


    Underpants-style design, all surrounded by stop leaks


    NO.2: Heart-warming design plan


    Two-way leakage side, comfortable for nearly 8 hours


    Longer digestion and absorption, lying still without fear of leakage, instantly moisturizing, refreshing cycle time


    Fit, breathability, and instant absorption are all the same


    NO.3: strong digestion and absorption

    Menstrual relief pants


    48cm long absorption lift, 25 times super digestion and absorption, fast digestion and absorption to lock the liquid.


    Avoid reverse osmosis, soft, lightweight, breathable, and feel like wearing marshmallows on your hands


    36.8˚C The same temperature with love, more care for food, clothing, shelter and transportation


    lie down? Supine? Sleep on your stomach? Sleep as you want, start a variety of new sleeping positions~


    Tide? Sticky? a? Even in the hot summer, all the discomforts are dealt with~

    Period panties target


    More sensitive? active? Too thick? The safety period can also be unfettered, and any scruples can be cleared~


    Microbial strains? Fluorescent agent? Harm to fluff pulp? You don’t have all the worries, safety and health can be regarded as simple happiness~


    Relief pants, safety and peace of mind, physical and mental health more comfortable!





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