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What are period panties thinx?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    More than a dozen countries are very interested in period panties thinx.


    I think period panties thinx are also counted as adult pull-up pants,


    The difference is that it is dedicated to the design of women’s menstrual period.


    The purpose is to deal with the confusion of women's menstrual period of excessive night leakage.

    Period panties thinx


    Pajama pants are the same as pull-up pants, and they must also be supported by spandex.


    So the fashion of period panties thinx is in a sense


    It will also promote the sales of spandex yarns and related machinery and equipment.


    Many companies that manufacture comfortable pants have also ordered machinery and equipment from them recently.


    The editor also has more than ten or twenty years of work experience in the sanitary product manufacturing industry.


    Based on their own work experience and the characteristics of the manufacturing industry,


    Take the monthly production of 8 million comfort pants as an example.


    In terms of time, if the spandex yarn has to be changed 6 times a day, 2 pieces each time, then 100-150 minutes of production time must be consumed every day, and it can save this time without shutting down the material. The probability of opening can be increased by at least 10% per day, which greatly improves productivity.


    In terms of raw materials, it is assumed that each spandex yarn machine and equipment must consume 50 rolls of spandex yarn per day. Without measuring the statistical data of the spandex yarn balance weight, every time the average value of each roll of spandex yarn is changed, 30 grams of spandex yarn will be extravagantly wasted. The role of waste materials without shutting down and receiving materials will greatly reduce the consumption of raw material costs, saving about 1500g per day.


    The other is to shut down several times in order to remove and replace the spandex yarn, which will greatly increase the probability of mechanical failure and increase the total number of defective products. According to the survey, every time the equipment is stopped and started, about 20 pieces of waste and 30 pieces of second-class are generated. If calculated 6 times a day, there will be 120 pieces of waste and 180 second-class pieces of waste.

    Relief pants


    Whether it is manufacturing time, raw material cost, or product quality, it is all the company and attaches great importance to it. Non-shutdown receiving of materials can greatly enhance the company's production and manufacturing, so that the company's production and manufacturing can be ensured to a greater level.


    The non-shutdown receiving material is to maintain this role for the manufacturing industry professionals.


    The development trend of the manufacturing industry makes this role have existential importance.


    Whether it is pull-up pants or period panties thinx, there is often a large sales market to be developed and designed.


    The production volume in the future will always be more than easy.





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