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What are period panties near me and when do you wear them?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-26


    What are period panties near me? I personally think that the comfort pants are new products that have only recently appeared, but they are not.


    As early as 2013, Unicharm Sophie had already released super sleeping comfort pants.

    Period panties near me


    But from the surface, it seems that our customers are not very buying.


    It will be because the elite guards in our country did not intervene at that time,


    Therefore, there have not been many stormy waves a while ago~


    When do you wear period panties near me? Comfortable pants are menstrual period pants. They are also called sweet pajamas, smooth pajamas, comfort pants, night pants, period panties near me, etc. I think customers have been habitually hesitant about the newly launched "novelty gadgets". It has gained a large-scale popularization, but in 2019, the Double 11 grand event slightly "emphasized" the period panties near me because of Unicharm, so that a large number of female customers saw this "new product".


    In fact, in my country’s sanitary product manufacturing industry in recent years, the “new team” of sanitary trousers has gradually been accepted, focusing on the applicability and market prospects of menstrual period pants, and the characteristics of menstrual period pants and women’s physiology The requirements of the period are consistent.


    According to incomplete statistical analysis, at this stage, there are close to 20 menstrual period pants production equipment in China, similar to most of them in Fujian Province!


    Do you need to focus on "professionalism"?

    What are period panties near me


    People visited and investigated some companies, technical professional OEM comfort pants processing plants, the person in charge said that they are interested in the menstrual period pants sales market, temporary sales market recognition is not high, many women still do not know the comfort pants Commodities, but with the increase of production lines in the sales market and the promotion of well-known brands of commodities, customers will gradually accept this commodity.


    The period panties near me can gradually replace the extended sanitary napkins for night use. Because this machine and equipment is customized for menstrual period pants, there is no need to spend extravagant time to adjust, and there are fixed models and specifications (with M/L, XL2 codes), the production of goods is stable, and the delivery is fast. (The average value is about 260 pieces per minute). The other is that a precise positioning camera for the base film and stained metal detection are installed during the processing process, and multi-directional inspections are carried out in each manufacturing stage to ensure product quality.


    At the level of Anxin trousers, there are not only independent brands, but also several well-known brands produced by OEM. The sales market of Anxin trousers is still very cheerful at this stage, but in the future, it may still be returned to the sales market for testing. Let's come together. Look forward to it!


     Menstrual period panties near me





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