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Is it okay to use period panties dischem for parturients to discharge lochia?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-27


    There is no doubt about the reference answer to this problem. Vaginal bleeding in the confinement period is different from the normal menstrual period, and the amount is larger than that in the menstrual period, so normal sanitary napkins should not be considered. At this time, special maternity relief pants must be used. Maternity relief pants sanitary napkins are much higher quality than ordinary sanitary napkins in terms of materials and design schemes for the human body characteristics of pregnant women. It reduces the chances of pregnant women’s vaginal infections and allows pregnant women to pass the confinement period comfortably, which is beneficial to health. Finish the child's body repair.

    Normally, it is enough for the mother to prepare a bag of period panties dischem in advance, and there are about ten pieces in a bag. Everyone's body conditions are different. Some pregnant women will have one bag enough, but some pregnant women will need two bags. If after two or three weeks, the postpartum lochia discharged slowly decreases, it is okay to replace it with normal sanitary napkins.

    The effect of period panties dischem sanitary napkins:


    During the confinement period, postpartum lochia will be discharged from the mother's vagina every day, which makes people feel disgusted and helpless. It is very easy to mess up the jeans and the mattress sheet. As far as changing the mattress sheet is concerned, it is still trivial to change the jeans. In response to such a situation, it is best for mothers to use special-purpose postpartum pants to deal with it.

    In terms of confinement period, which is better for maternity relief pants:


    Period panties dischem sanitary napkins are equivalent to unique sanitary napkins. They are more technical and professional than aunt towels in terms of materials and design. It is recommended that Shuershi period panties dischem can digest and absorb a lot of feces, and reasonably avoid stains on the sheets and mattresses. In addition to pregnant women, it can be used by women, babies and the elderly in their menstrual period. Women in menstrual periods sometimes turn around at night and leak sideways without paying attention. When the baby is sleeping, the nursing pad can be used as a waterproof and fireproof diaper application. Some elderly people who have urinary incontinence or those who have difficulty walking can also use it.


    Common problems of period panties dischem:

    During the confinement period, the mother’s physiological condition is different from that of the usual lady. At this time, the birth canal is open, and the physical fitness is poor, and the immunity is reduced, and it is very easy to have feelings. Therefore, people should pay attention to certain problems when using period panties dischem.

    First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to environmental hygiene after giving birth to comfort pants to see if the product is within the shelf life. The period panties dischem that you buy back should be stored in a sealed manner, and you don't need to be exposed to the gas immediately to prevent the growth of germs.

    Secondly, what brand is used for period panties dischem?

    The editor recommends the comfortable sanitary napkins that are super hot recently-divided into cotton surface and surface, you can choose according to your usual sanitary napkin habits. Under normal circumstances, the surface of the period panties dischem are more breathable, and the anti-reverse seepage ability is better than that of the cotton surface, and the application is more comfortable. The cotton noodle care pad has a faster digestion and absorption rate and a softer color, which reduces the friction between the skin and makes it more comfortable. Nursing pads of the two materials are both good and bad. Mothers can buy sanitary napkins according to the habit of using sanitary napkins. There is no best product, only the most suitable product, which is comfortable to use.





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