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Do I need to wear underwear when I use menstrual underwear bamboo during menstruation?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-28


    If there are things that make girls the most, loss, pain, and helplessness, menstrual period is second, no one dares to be the first


    In the second half of the night, I fell asleep and was awakened by the heat. The mattress and sheet had already been red all over the time. I remembered that I had to bow my waist and rub it indefinitely.


    Dont be afraid, todays web editor strongly recommends one to everyone, which is 100 times more reliable than a long nights sanitary napkin.


    Menstrual period use safety pants to stop the leakage of colored cotton women's underwear, you don't need to wear underwear after using the safety pants!


    Invisible sanitary napkin, a few drops of water-proof, the leak-stop layer is made of TPU coating with "moisture-proof and breathable" effect, which is different from the hot and thick coatings on the market. Its thickness is only 0.01mm, which is thinner than mobile phone screen protectors. It is the best raw material with both moisture resistance and breathability at this stage. What is the actual effect of preventing leakage? You still have to use objective facts to speak. The net knitting immediately refills the underwear with water, and there is no penetration at all, and the actual leakage is stopped. The effect is superb. It is worth mentioning that the waterproofness of the ground in the middle is widened by 50%, nearly 20cm, and immediately widened from the private area to the waist. The water absorption capacity of the sanitary napkin is matched with each other to prevent death, roll over on the bed without fear of leakage, Put on the menstrual underwear bamboo designed for the period holiday. Dont worry about getting embarrassed or getting dirty on your mattress or jeans. You can have a good mood even during your menstrual period.



    How many hours can I wear menstrual underwear bamboo? The editor tells you:


    Although menstrual underwear bamboo can stop leakage


    But dont change sanitary napkins for a long time because of this effect.


    The humid and cold private natural environment will allow germs to multiply quickly


    It's best to change the menstrual underwear bamboo in 2-3 hours


    If it is not convenient to change


    It can't exceed 8 hours at most


    Physiological underwear that can breathe in


    On the way to wearing menstrual underwear bamboo


    Stepped on many pits


    Which brand of night safety pants is easy to use?


    Its really too little that both leak-stop and breathability can be done well.


    Most of them use moisture-proof interlayer


    Poor ventilation, needless to say, its still hot


    At this time, the material of the underwear is particularly critical


    Recommend to everyone——Comfortable comfort pants, this menstrual period stop-leak underwear is made of high-quality cotton fabric


    The cotton material is inherently moisture-absorbing, breathable, and soft


    The surface fabric is stretch cotton


    That is to say 94% cotton + 6% elastic spandex yarn


    The bottom crotch fabric is 100% cotton


    Soft and caring for the privacy of physical and mental health


    Deliberately did the air permeability test


    Put the underwear on the cup with boiling water


    Can see water vapor quickly passing through the fabric


    Good air permeability


    Compared with general chemical fiber


    More capable of antibacterial and antibacterial work


    Not easy to lose antibacterial power due to washing and exposure


    It can also be used to wear


    Comfortable menstrual underwear bamboo-this is a physiological menstrual underwear bamboo that can replace underwear





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