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menstrual underwear cotton make the night more at ease.

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-02-28


    Recently, many girls will ask about menstrual underwear cotton. The editor shared many symbolic problems with everyone. I look forward to helping everyone~ In those few days, there are menstrual underwear cotton and sanitary napkins to make the night more refreshing. rest assured.

    menstrual underwear cotton manufacturer


    Netizens asking questions: A


    Difficulty: In what situation is it suitable to use menstrual underwear cotton?


    Editors response: For girls who are very heavy, active and insecure with their aunts, if they wear them easily, all their worries will disappear! It is best to use it at night or during the day when you are at home, because it is more convenient to replace it.


    Netizens asking questions: B


    Difficulty: How to judge the reverse side and the back side?


    Editor's response: The dark blue rubber band on the abdomen is the reverse side, so you don't have to wear it backwards!


    Netizens asking questions: C


    Difficulty: Will the menstrual underwear cotton leak at night, and how to wear the menstrual underwear cotton?


    Editor's response:


    menstrual underwear cotton will not leak when worn at night. The way of wearing pajamas is relatively simple. It is as easy to wear as a normal small inner. The instantaneous speed is close to the waist-hip curve. It is time-consuming and no need to wear underwear; when you want to take it off, Easily tear off the easy-to-tear openings on both sides and pull it out!

    Relief pants


    Netizens asking questions: D


    Problem: Can a fat girl wear it?


    Editor's response:


    The professional design of Freedom Pajamas has a malleable hip system software, which is suitable for my sister who has a hip circumference of 1 to 8 to 3 feet, which can satisfy most people's pursuits.

    Menstrual relief pants





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