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What is the difference between panty sanitary napkins and ordinary sanitary napkins?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-05


    Before the onset of menstruation, she always lost her hair for no reason. His face is also haggard. Seeing these two points, I guess her "big aunt" is about to come. Several times she suddenly asked me to buy sanitary napkins. I am a little embarrassed. But I went anyway. In front of the supermarket sanitary napkin shelf, several girls stared at me. I whispered on the phone what brand of sanitary napkins should I buy? how to buy? She told me to buy a pure cotton surface, a bag for night use, a bag for daily use, and a bag of pads. Well, a comfortable trouser-type sanitary napkin for night use. Later I found out why I bought it like this. I once saw blood on the bed by accident. Yes, it is estimated that the amount was large in the first few days, and side leakage occurred when I fell asleep at night.

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    Since entering the sanitary napkin industry, I have a comprehensive understanding of women. Before I bought her sanitary napkins, I only knew that women had menstruation. I never knew that girls still had so many troubles, so much fear. So I wondered, can I make something that will overturn the existing sanitary napkins? Or to do something to make women no longer worry about the arrival of the "big aunt"?


    Now we have made a menstrual underwear dropshipping with sanitary napkin function. It looks very simple, but the craftsmanship inside is very complicated.

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    First, make sure that this underwear is comfortable and breathable.


    Second, it is necessary to ensure that the absorbent core of the sanitary napkin is sufficiently absorbent.


    Third, the surface layer must be very soft and not irritating the skin.


    Fourth, menstrual blood cannot be reversed.


    Fifth, menstrual blood should not be leaked.


    Sixth, be thin.


    Seventh, try to be as cheap as possible, not too expensive.


    In short, in order to make this menstrual underwear dropshipping, we spent more than a year, revising the process design hundreds of times, and finally formed it. Although the product has been made, it is still satisfactory.

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    I always believe that sanitary napkins should be replaced by a product. Pants-type sanitary napkins allow women to say goodbye to the days of fear. I don't know when I can proudly say to a woman: It's time to abandon ordinary sanitary napkins.





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