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What are the hazards of impermeable sanitary napkins? period underwear for sleeping help you solve it!

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-05


    There have also been many news reports in the feminine product manufacturing industry. I often see news reports like that. The editor can't help my temper. But how can it be so unscrupulous when it comes to the physical and mental health of many female friends? A good trouser-type sanitary napkin can stop you from going to the doctor.

    So beauties, as a small business who loves beauty, apart from all kinds of skin care products and skin care products, sanitary napkins must also be the top priority of life, especially in the hot and sweaty summer. , A powerful trouser-type sanitary napkin is the most critical element to improve the sense of superiority during the holiday. How critical is the air permeability of the period underwear for sleeping.


    The hazards of airtight sanitary napkins:


    1. Cause urticaria 2. Cause vaginal inflammation 3. Increase the probability of cancer and so on.



    Period underwear for sleeping are daily necessities closely related to women's physical and mental health. Women will have 400 menstrual periods in their lifetime. Scientific research shows that the long-term use of fake and inferior breathable comfort pants will cause gynecological diseases, and even the probability of suffering from cervical cancer, rectal cancer and its benign tumors will be further increased.


    How do I know the air permeability of period underwear for sleeping? Shuershi peace of mind sanitary napkin manufacturers will help you solve the problem-the air permeability test process of the sanitary napkin


    1. Put a cup of boiling water or warm water on the surface of the comfort pants;


    2. Turn over the aunt’s towel, with the base film facing up, and buckle a cup of water on the top of the film. You have to use a transparent plastic cup;


    3. Gradually watch the awkwardness on the inverted water cup. If the awkwardness appears in the short term, it means that the air permeability is strong. On the contrary, it is the plastic base film material with poor ventilation.


    The characteristics of breathable trousers sanitary napkins


    Period underwear for sleeping are usually composed of three parts: the surface layer, the digestion and absorption layer and the bottom layer. The air permeability of the raw materials of these three parts should also be considered when selecting. First of all, the surface should be made of cotton. The surface of cotton is more caring for the skin, so as not to suffer from skin allergies and feelings.


    Secondly, it is better for the middle and high layer to have air permeability and contain moisture absorption layer. The trouser-type sanitary napkins with digestion and absorption layer can digest and absorb menstruation instantly, lock and stop leakage, and it is not easy to make the surface layer wet and cause hives.


    Finally, the bottom layer is made of breathable raw materials, which can allow vapor-like oxygen molecules to pass through smoothly, and then exceed the effect of immediately expelling moisture from the body, and reasonably reduce the wetness and cold between the panty sanitary napkin and the human body. Keep the feeling of refreshing and refreshing with the heat.






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