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Which thinx period underwear are better?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-06


    Speaking of official holidays, it is something that every woman must experience personally every month. When the holiday comes, I want every woman to inevitably use thinx period underwear, but the same thing has the same practical effect, that is, sanitary napkins.


    What is a sanitary strip?

    When it comes to sanitary napkins, many people may not be too clear about what this item is. I think the effect of the sanitary strip is similar to the actual effect of the aunt’s towel, and some of its aspects are even beyond the aunt’s towel. At this stage, many foreign women usually choose to use sanitary napkins when the menstrual period comes. Great to get through. But why is the sanitation policy in China bleak, and there are so few people applying it? How can this happen?


    Why do foreigners like to use sanitary pads, while we Chinese like to use thinx period underwear? Which sanitary strip and trouser-type sanitary napkin are better?

    1. Because there will be an abnormality in the private area, it will conflict with the application

    Although for thinx period underwear, the actual effect of the tampon may be stronger, it will not only make a woman’s private parts feel clammy, but also the theme is not so binding. But despite that, women still resist the sanitary napkin. The key reason depends on the application of the sanitary napkin. The method of application usually makes many women feel that there is something dirty in the privacy. , The human body will be more uncomfortable, which requires women to abandon the application.

    2. Not too tidy, and not too comfortable at the time of replacement

    Although thinx period underwear and sanitary strips are all used to solve menstrual periods, their use is clearly different. The aunt’s towel is a method of external application, it can be immediately attached to the woman’s underwear and it can be used. But the sanitary napkin is different. It must be placed in a woman's private part. In that case, women will usually feel untidy. In that case, this kind of resistance will appear invisibly. And in daily life, the vast majority of women felt very uncomfortable when they removed the adhesive strips, so they abandoned the application of such objects.

    3. Because of the difference in ideology, they don’t want to try

    Because the instructions for the use of sanitary napkins are quite different, this will exceed the objective scope of some women. In that case, it may cause many women to have a very obvious psychological state of resistance. Many people will try again. He didn't want to. There are also some women who are usually worried about causing harm to their own human body at the time of application. In addition, they usually have that kind of doubt. What if there is no way to remove it at the time of replacement? Therefore, under the influence of many factors, they don't want to use sanitary strips anymore, and prefer pant sanitary napkins.






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