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How many hours can I wear knix period underwear?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-06


    I was born in poverty, and there is no culture and art in the ravines. I am also a silly mountain kid. At that time, I hardly heard of knix period underwear. I have seen this term in books, but I didn’t master this item. What is it for, because I have never seen anyone in our ditch try it, and even if it works, I haven't told me.


    Therefore, I feel that the comfort pants are very advanced in my brain. Our handkerchief paper is already very advanced. The comfort pants are handkerchief paper used by the rich. I may not come back to buy it if I don’t have money, but I still hope that one day it will be available to rich people. For the comfort pants I use, I have to make more trolleys every day to take the train in the metropolis. The consumption power of the metropolis should be high. People on the other side should use comfort pants. If I carry every roll of handkerchief with me, I think it’s too unsympathetic. Even though they come from the ravines on time, they are all for the sake of face. Don’t ugly our hometown! So it feels bad, no matter how expensive it is, I have to buy every roll! Let the people in the metropolis also look at the people who go out there can also be able to afford knix period underwear!


     I decided to go to the small shop to buy a knix period underwear to improve the level! I took care, so I walked into a relatively high-end small shop called "shopping mall", even if I want personalized items, I have to go to high-end areas! At that time, there were only a few people over there, and I was a little bit chilly. Because it is the first time for me to use such high-end and high-end daily necessities, it must be seen by a large number of people, or let others envy and envy me! But I just want to forget it first, because I meant to show it to people at the university.



     So I took a bag of beautifully packaged knix period underwear and then turned around and walked to the cashier counter and patted it on the counter in fear, saying: I want these knix period underwear! So that the decoration design is very lavish, I did not ask the price, no matter how much it costs, I must buy it! Consumers who were chattering in a long queue were silent for an instant, and then turned their eyes to me. The salesperson girl was surprised and hesitated. I satisfactorily contemplated this kind of use in the surrounding area. Surprised and saw me with unbelieving eyes. My heart is full of joy, it’s so cool, they must be surprised that this person is so powerful, I deliberately didn’t go to see their faces showing a little pride and disdain, I looked up and just stared at the box of Anxin pants.


     After a few seconds, the little girl has finally been relieved, and her face seems to have some embarrassment and said: ten... ten... eighteen yuan...


     I was immediately surprised in my heart: hold the grass! So expensive! This is really a huge amount! How many handkerchiefs can I buy for seventeen dollars in which region? It's so expensive! To tell the truth, I regret something in my heart, but so that the folks, so that I can not lose the face of my hometown, the price is precious but the affection can not be lost! So Shu Xin slapped away the 20 yuan bill. The little girl saw my measures in a panic, and then hurriedly found me three one yuan bills. I took my pocket money and stepped out of the "shopping mall". "a.


     On the train, I found my part and sat down. I didn't think I had prepared which comfort pants to use in advance, but the inside of the train seemed too boring, and my face felt a little sticky, which was very uncomfortable. At this time, many people in the same seat took out toilet paper and wiped their faces. I thought: In short, it says that there are more than a dozen pieces on the package, and one whole piece is fine. But thinking of a whole piece of more than two yuan, it really hurts, but at that time there was no time to take care of that much.


     So I just pretended to be very casual and took out the knix period underwear that supported the facade. Immediately, the two men and the woman widened and saw me. Which one is ecstatic in my heart, are you dumbfounded? The paper I use is higher than yours! Then, I just started to tear off the mouth elegantly. But when I encountered a little embarrassment, I couldn't tear it: This may not be difficult for me. I took out the nail clippers, cut a gap on the side, and then tore along the gap with strength, and it was done.


     Therefore, I took one out and couldn't help but praise it secretly: so thin, so soft, and well restrained to the touch, no wonder it's so expensive! This is all I have used here before! At that time, I was weird. Why did this thing have double-sided foam tape on one side? I wiped my face and mouth with the non-adhesive side. Then I thought: The side with glue must be convenient for users to store, right? I am very proud of my intelligence! Therefore, I affixed the knix period underwear to the window glass in a grand manner, which is convenient for the next application. Thinking: It happens to be by the window, cool! ! ! ! ! !


     With the eyes full of surprise and envy, I rushed to Guangzhou for the first time. I have always been alone, and this is the same. I didn't need my girlfriend to pick me up and rushed to the door of her dormitory by myself, but the boys in this dormitory were exempt from entering. The eldest sister who is looking at the dormitory is my hometown, and she kindly called out my girlfriend. Subsequently, my girlfriend called many friends out to share the specialties of my hometown. Then, in the small room of the old sister in the dormitory, I just started to take things out of the big luggage.


     When I got the package of knix period underwear, I also deliberately put it in a striking area. These girls were all taken aback after seeing it, and deliberately didn't even look at it. Which one in my heart is ecstatic: Hey, how? Have you never seen it before? Girlfriend was shocked: What do you buy this for? She must be heartbroken that I'm not worth it. In order to display the information, I didn't care and said: "I use it to wipe my mouth when I take a train to eat! How can I drop it?"


    Even though I'm talking about this, is there anything wrong with the use of knix period underwear for boys in this era? I think everything is normal too.


    You see, this little handsome guy has already spotted the knix period underwear. I think it made me a little embarrassed. Maybe at least a girl. I never thought that the first customer to buy knix period underwear on old paper was actually a man, oh~ but at least it was my serious customer. One,

    How many hours can I wear comfort pants? The knix period underwear can be worn for two to three hours during the day and 8 hours at night.


    I was thinking about being surrounded by a lot of girls to buy sanitary napkins, but who knew it was just the beginning, but it was confirmed that Baochai’s diligence was not in vain


     Then I highly recommend this wonderful knix period underwear to everyone, it is the comfort pants!


    Regardless of the packaging and level, it is all very high-end, and it is very affectionate to use. When others see me, you actually use comfortable and comfortable pants! That's great~





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