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Do you want to wear proof period underwear even if you wear a pant?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-06


    What's more on time than salary every month? That might mean


    Girl's monthly holiday that must come in January~


    In the hours waiting for countless official holidays


    Side leakage, heat and pain


    Achieving success makes it a nightmare for every girl


    Very much while sleeping


    Girls are just like on the "Arena" usually


    The domineering and leaky sleeping posture makes them


    The next day, I had to wash the sheets and the inside in the morning.


    How can we escape the curse of washing?


    Mat blanket? Stop leakage pad? Still change the sheet...


    No need for this


    Only a whole piece of comfortable panty sanitary napkin is required


    I'll let you go through your menstrual period comfortably


    Should I wear underwear for Shuershi panty sanitary napkins?


    The answer is no, just wear Andang underwear, which is very convenient, similar to diapers but definitely better than it.


    Are Shuershi pants-type sanitary napkins multifunctional and powerful?


    Move the stool and listen to the editor

    Pants sanitary napkin manufacturers


    Side leakage is no longer a distress


    How many girls are the same as Xiaobian


    Fall asleep every menstrual period


    It’s like preparing for the battlefield in the arena in advance.


    Worrying about whether the sanitary napkins will be crooked all the time


    Will it leak


    Causes a serious decrease in sleep


    Make the original upset mentality even more upset


    And the emergence of Shuershi proof period underwear


    Solves this problem well


    360° leak-proof design, ultra-breathable bottom film


    Give you so soft and comfortable that you don't want to take it off! !


    "I am not worried about side leakage"

    Maternal sanitary napkins


    Tolerance is a good helper


    Period tolerance


    Cope with more than a dozen hours of aviation


    Obvious pain and physical and mental health problems in environmental hygiene


    Nature has become the most worrying thing for girls


    Carry comfortable pants-type sanitary napkins with you during your tolerance


    One whole piece once, clean and hygienic


    Don't be tortured for menstrual holidays


    Many friends often tell me


    The side of the winged aunt's towel


    Sometimes rubs the roots of the thighs


    very uncomfortable


    Sleeping at night is also very uncomfortable


    And the girl who chooses to use comfort proof period underwear


    Never had this trouble


    Elastic waist


    Independent innovation and pressing technology, soft and close-fitting


    I'll wear it comfortably on your hands


    Sleep quality is good, and happiness is also high

    Proof period underwear manufacturers


    Talked so much


    I firmly believe that the small public officials have already put


    Has the Shuershi proof period underwear added to the shopping cart?





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