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How to store the period underwear for girls after unpacking?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-07


    It is important to understand that all kinds of vegetable oils, white chips, and dust caused by daily life are attached to the towel. The damp cotton towel is also the stalk of the germs. It is not good to store the period underwear for girls casually, so don't blame your face. Acne closed mouth acne come to see you!


    How to store the period underwear for girls after unpacking? Period underwear for girls must be cleaned and stored. It is best to use up the bag that has been opened in the city immediately this month, instead of using period underwear for girls that will pollute the environment. The rainy season is the time when trichomoniasis mycotic inflammation occurs. Recently, many patients with this disease have sought medical treatment every day. In the past, everyone felt that wearing wet and cold underwear on a rainy day was very easy to cause fungal inflammation. I think that the use of daily necessities that have been opened and polluted by the environment during this period is also very easy to cause this disease.


    After unpacking, daily necessities such as comfort pants or handkerchiefs should be placed in a naturally ventilated and dry area, at least in a clean natural environment. Be careful if the product returns to moisture and the consequences are no longer applicable. Perhaps there are many products in the product packaging today. When designing, we have already considered this point very personally. Many products have selected cable ties or zipper sealing ports that can be sealed several times, so that the environmental health and safety factors of the products can be more strongly ensured.






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