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Can comfort pants be worn for a day?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-07


    Why did I wear it today? The menstrual underwear heavy really opened up a new world of sleeping! There was no leakage of messing around all night! The first time my aunt slept during the period, there was no backache and backache! Sleep as comfortable as usual! Remembering the night before... 420 didn't stop the side leakage... It's too miserable...


    Menstrual underwear heavy are really a good helper for menstruation, probably no girl doesn't understand it, every time I stock up several packs, I never missed it again.

    Especially now the weather is getting colder and colder

    It's so reassuring


    Some people will ask if the menstrual underwear heavy can be worn for a day? The Shuershi comfort pants manufacturer tells you, of course, it is possible. If you think the amount is large, it is safer to wear heart pants, and you can wear them during the day~

    Only comfort pants can make me sleep all night, 410 can't give me this kind of experience

    Only by wearing menstrual underwear heavy can I experience the wonderfulness of being a girl.


    Really!! Real-name recommendation, and then you will feel that 390 and 41 are little spicy chickens when they sleep at night.

    The menstrual underwear heavy are so easy to use, so easy to use. I feel that my sheets will never be stained with my blood again.

    Double eleven is just around the corner, so it’s better to take comfort pants, let you say goodbye to the pain of rubbing sheets in the winter. After wearing comfort pants for the first few days, the bed sheets of the trousers have never been soiled.





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