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Menstrual underwear canada with a sense of security

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-07



    My new menstrual friend must recommend Amway! The menstrual underwear canada manufacturer allows you to sleep late at night even in special periods, and you can sleep as you want, super easy to use! Today, I must Amway peace of mind pants, let me be happy at home on a special day, Ge Youtan, don’t worry about leaking all kinds of leakage after side leakage! Tampons and menstrual underwear canada are a great boon for women.


    I think the comfortable menstrual underwear canada are really very, very soft and comfortable. It feels super good. I can’t bear to take it off. I think it can be worn during the day. It’s a little troublesome to change, but it’s invincible and easy to use! ! ! ! Since gynecological inflammation was detected last week, I now pay special attention to private hygiene. I bought a simple cotton trousers and underwear drying and sterilizing machine. I have paid more attention to it during menstruation. Every time I change sanitary napkins, I wash it with hot water and wash my stomach. Warm up. In addition, the first time my aunt took painkillers, I could not feel the dysmenorrhea that I had been afraid of for many years. In addition, I was flushed with hot water several times a day, and I used menstrual underwear canada when I slept, and I suddenly felt a sense of happiness upup!


      Menstrual underwear canada are really the light of humanity! It’s no problem to roll over in bed. Sleeping is super safe. Menstrual menstrual underwear canada-panty-type sanitary napkins with a sense of security!





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