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Shuershi period diaper reddit-a factory of professional OEM comfort pants

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-07


    I personally think that the period diaper reddit are new products only recently, but it is not.

    As early as 2013, Unicharm Sophie had already launched relief pants.

    But on the surface, Chinese consumers don’t seem to be very buying.

    Maybe it’s because the guards of our country hadn’t intervened at that time.

    So it didn't make much waves earlier.


    Period diaper reddit are menstrual pants, and there are also sweet pajamas, smooth pajamas, worry-free pants, night pants, sleep pants, etc. In fact, consumers are always accustomed to keeping a wait-and-see attitude towards new "exotic gadgets". It has not been popularized in a large area, but this year's Double Eleven Festival, due to Unicharm's "emphasis" on the relief pants, let more female consumers see this "new product".


    In fact, in recent years, my country's sanitary product industry has gradually accepted the "new member" of the sanitary trousers, which emphasizes the practicability and market potential of menstrual pants. The characteristics of menstrual pants are consistent with women's menstrual needs. of.


    According to incomplete statistics, there are currently nearly 20 menstrual pants production lines in production in China, and almost half are in Fujian!


    It is reported that Quanzhou Jiaweian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. has inspected and accepted a production line specializing in the production of menstrual pants.


    Why should we emphasize "speciality"?

    We visited Quanzhou Aster New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Aster is a professional OEM safety pants factory. Its general manager Huang said that they are optimistic about the menstrual pants market. For the time being, market awareness is not high. Many women still don't know about menstrual pants. Products, but with the increase of market production lines and product brands, consumers will gradually accept this product.


    Follow-up menstrual pants can gradually replace sanitary napkins. Therefore, in March this year, a full-servo production line was specially ordered for menstrual trousers, specifically for menstrual trousers, as well as a production line for adult pull-on trousers. Although menstrual trousers can also be produced with the adult pull-up trousers production line, changing numbers back and forth is a waste of time and time-consuming debugging, which will lead to unstable production, reduce production efficiency, and affect product quality.


    Because this equipment is specially customized for menstrual pants, there is no need to waste extra time debugging, and there is a fixed model (with two codes M/L), the production of the product is stable, and the supply is fast (about 350 pieces per minute on average) . In addition, the production process is equipped with the bottom film positioning probe, and the stained metal detection, etc., in all production links to conduct all-round inspections to ensure product quality.

    Aster has its own brand "Shuershi" in the period diaper reddit.

    The market for relief pants is still relatively optimistic at present, but what the future is, I am afraid that it will still be returned to the market for inspection. Let's wait and see!





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