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Why do I need fluorescent and bleaching agents for diaper pads for periods?

Author:Period Diaper Manufacturers FROM:Period Diaper Supplier TIME:2022-03-07


    Diaper pads for periods are a kind of chemical substance with absorptive capacity. The key material is high polymer material and high polymer composite paper produced by cotton, non-woven fabric, wood pulp or left and right material composites. The side design scheme The key is to avoid side leakage. Because the sanitary napkin itself shows a certain angle of view when used, it is more likely to rub against the groin area. Therefore, comfort pants with soft materials on the side are more favored by women. The back rubber of the safety pants is a water barrier material, which can be used to digest and absorb the menstrual discharge from the vagina during the menarche of women in the safety pants.


    Packing and sealing:

    After the safety pants are sealed, the basics that everyone has tried are removed, and the seals are opened. If you can't stick them, you think about a pack of safety pants for a few days, or even a few weeks. During this period, some germs and dust in the diaper pads for periods and the gas will be barely touched. If your diaper pads for periods are in a good natural environment, there will be fewer germs. When you are in a bad natural environment, it is equivalent to talking about germs and private parts. bump. The trousers of Anxin are sealed with xylitol glue, which can be sealed again after application to block dust and germs.


    Preservative testing:

    Do I need preservatives and bleach? According to the National International Health Organization, sanitary napkins are required to meet the required whiteness. Many unscrupulous manufacturers use raw materials to purchase fake and inferior cotton and secondary application cotton as raw materials, which reduces costs and produces raw materials based on preservatives and bleach. Processing and then comply with national sanitary napkin agency regulations. Very few sanitary napkins use imported cotton. Even if good raw materials are used, the price cannot be consumed by the general public.






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