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1. It is best to use scented products sparingly: Negative ion china sanitary napkins are scented because they contain different types of drugs, essences or additives.
These additives may cause skin allergies. If there is a damaged place on the skin, these allergens will penetrate into the blood and cause disease.

2. Improper use of the tampon will bring health risks: if the hand is not cleaned before using the tampon, it will bring germs into the vagina and cause infection;
if the tampon is placed improperly, it may cause vaginal wall damage. Women with vaginal disorders are best not to use it.

3. Change often to maintain health: If women do not replace china sanitary napkins for a long time, the accumulated menstrual blood will greatly increase the humidity, and the local ventilation will be poor, which is more beneficial to the propagation of bacteria, which will greatly increase the frequency of various gynecological diseases.
Use cotton High-quality china sanitary napkins should be replaced in time to reduce the occurrence of allergies and skin diseases. It should also be noted that they should not be mixed with the cosmetics in the bag.
Fourth, pay attention to physical and mental reconciliation during menstruation: maintain a good mood, eat less high-fat and high-calorie foods, increase the body's resistance to foreign bacteria and viruses, and reduce infection and disease.

5. Take a shower during menstrual period: take shower during menstrual period.
Try not to take a bath as much as possible, and reduce the number of bathing in public places. This should also be paid attention to.


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Aster Postpartum Sanitary napkin
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