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1.What are the recent super hot period proof underwear?

Recently, there have been many small companies talking to me privately, asking me to strongly recommend the powerful period proof underwear, that is to say, the following well-known brands in the market call them night pants, comfortable pants, and sweet pajamas, whatever you call it. I think that the lining is changed without changing the soup, it is all period proof underwear! I recommend this product to you, not only because there are many fairy requests, but also because this product is indeed promoted at night.


2.Why we need a period proof underwear?

However, there is also a friendly reminder that some girls don't like it, don’t like it looks like diapers, and say that they only need 350mm sanitary napkins at night, so when they see it here, these little fairies won't continue. Since even these years have passed, this type of sleep pants has not changed much in appearance, and it is still not practical to ensure that it is light and beautiful.

Next, let us return to the point. The original intention of using this product is that as a sensitive person when my aunt comes to my house, I always feel comfortable sleeping on my side or curling up slightly at night. However, no matter how powerful black technology is, night sanitary napkins will not allow me to be so capricious. Before the sleeping pants went on the market, I 


3.How to select period proof underwear?

In general, although the designs are similar, what I want to say is that these brands are indeed improving their products over time. Moreover, the ordinary packaging of this product is also 2~3. Generally speaking, the relatives will not be able to use it when they come to the house in January. There is no burden that they can not afford. Everyone really tried a few brands and changed the brand. There was a real surprise.

However, several quality issues need to be clarified before recommendation to make it easy to buy

(1). Should know the hip and waist circumference.Since many products can be divided into 2~3 sizes, fairies need to buy them according to the size, but because these products have many improvements and flexibility, so don't worry about fat m-m, too fat or too thin can be used.


(2). The air permeability of all trousers sanitary napkins is similar to that of sanitary napkins, especially this trousers sanitary napkin has good airtightness, and the problem of poor air permeability will show up after a long time, so please choose carefully;


(3). The trouser-type sanitary napkins have a slightly larger absorption capacity than ordinary sanitary napkins. Unless the blood is flowing into a river, they do not need to be changed at night;


(4). The most suitable time for activities is usually the "2+1" combination purchase, that is, buy one more package, or buy one for free, that is, buy one package and give another package.


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Free period pads sanitary napkins organic pull up
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